Seamless Experience

Screenshot of Penango in use on Firefox on Windows 7

No gateways

Other e-mail encryption solutions require users to go through many steps in order to receive and view an encrypted e-mail. With Penango, the user never leaves the webmail environment. All the authentication, encryption, and decryption is done right there, without gateways or extra logins.

PKI that works for you

Traditional PKI tools are a hodgepodge of certificates, undocumented data formats and extensions, esoteric command-line tools, and implementations from different vendors that barely interoperate. Penango just works.

Plain-language rendering

Penango's plain-language rendering engine makes it easy for you to see and relate to other users’ PKI certificates and to see who sent the messages that you are reading. There is no need to learn complex PKI concepts like X.509 certificates.


With Penango, you can continue to use your existing software and hardware tokens, smartcards, and other infrastructure. Penango supports all standard (Microsoft CSP or PKCS #11-based) cryptographic tokens, with broad hardware support including smartcards, TPMs, USB tokens, hardware RNGs, and other security devices.

Penango is fully internationalized and localizable. Both Penango for Firefox and IE are available in English (US, UK, AU), Spanish, Japanese, and German. Partial support is provided for Dutch, French, and Italian.