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Penango is free for e-mail accounts using free Gmail or free Google Apps!

If you would like to to purchase or to try a free 14-day trial of Penango for e-mail accounts using paid Gmail; Google Apps for Business, Education, Nonprofits, or Government; or Zimbra, please visit the Buy Penango page.

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Get a Certificate


Locate the Certificate

After you click the download button above, the download should start automatically. If it doesn't, click here. When your browser asks you whether to allow the installation, allow it. For Firefox: After it has installed, restart your browser.
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If you don't have a certificate already, get one for free from Comodo, a trusted certificate authority. For more help, check out our detailed instructions on how to get a certificate.
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If you have a certificate already, tell Penango where your certificate is. In Firefox, go to "Tools" then "Certificate Manager" and import your certificate; in Internet Explorer, go to "Internet options," then the "Content" tab, then click on the "Certificates" button and import your certificate.
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