Penango 2.6.7 released; Support for Firefox 32 and 33

Tue, Oct 14, 2014

Penango version 2.6.7 for Firefox is released. Mozilla products (including Firefox, IceWeasel, SeaMonkey, Ice Dragon, and Thunderbird) through Firefox 33/Mozilla Toolkit 33 are supported.

Penango 2.6.7 is a standard release that fixes bugs, improves the UI rendering, and adds support for Firefox 32 and 33.

Penango for Firefox:

Penango for Internet Explorer has not been updated; an update is under development.

New and Changed Features:
* Added support for Firefox 32 and Firefox 33 on all platforms.
* Reduced dependencies on NSS (nss3.dll)’s exported functions, since these are being slowly constricted by Mozilla.
* Removed legacy code (for Firefox 3.0).
* Corrected a certificate finding bug in the call to findCertByDBKey in stUtil.findCerts.
* Addressed the error "Property 'handleEvent' is not callable." in Firefox.
* Updated the RecipientInfo / RecipientIdentifier diagnostic code to support multiple certificates being returned for the “Issuer and Serial Number” and “Subject Key Identifier” RecipientIdentifier types (for received encrypted messages), and to output more detailed information. Removed code that attempted to load SEC_StringToOID, and code that used PLArenaPool in certificate verification.
* Replaced said code with Penango::ParseOid, which is more robust.
* Added additional sanity checks to an implementation of Penango::ParseOid.
* Added dynamic loading of nss3.dll’s exported functions which have been renamed (on Windows) with the “_Util” suffix.
* Removed various legacy references to nsIDocShellTreeItem from past versions.
* Updated attachment icon URLs in Gmail so that attachment icons will display properly for received signed or encrypted messages.
* Updated the First-Party UI.
* Smoothed out Licensing v1.2 glitches.
* Added additional licensed sites.

Firefox 32; Firefox 33;