Military-Grade Cryptography

Protect your e-mail with FIPS 140-2 certified and HIPAA-compliant cryptography.

100% End-to-End Encryption

Your data at rest and in transit remain encrypted; only you and your recipients can read your e-mails.

No Gateways or Extra Logins

Sign, encrypt, and decrypt your messages without going through gateways and extra logins.

Certificate Directory Lookup

Penango automatically finds recipients' certificates so you can quickly send them encrypted e-mails.

  • Penango 2.6.7 released; Support for Firefox 32 and 33

    Tue, Oct 14, 2014

    Penango version 2.6.7 for Firefox is released. Mozilla products (including Firefox, IceWeasel, SeaMonkey, Ice Dragon, and Thunderbird) through Firefox 33/Mozilla Toolkit 33 are supported.

    Penango 2.6.7 is a standard release that fixes bugs, improves the UI rendering, and adds…

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  • Alcoa Phishing Scandal Could Happen to Anyone

    Thu, Jul 31, 2014

    Alcoa, the world's third largest aluminum producer, received a mass of e-mails one day from the former CEO of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn--or so that seemed to be the source. When a number of employees opened the contents of the e-mail,…

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  • Penango wins Be Great Cup

    Mon, Jul 28, 2014

    Penango is proud to have won the Be Great Cup at the #TechLA Summer Jam event: Read more here

    We competed against over 50 fantastic start-ups, some of which were very impressive and had terrific products.…

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  • Penango 2.6.6 Released; Supports Firefox 30

    Mon, Jul 14, 2014

    Penango 2.6.6 has been released for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Maxthon 2. Penango 2.6.6 is a minor release that extends Penango functionality to FF 30.

    Download and install the latest version of Penango.

    Release notes.

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